Tips to Prepare Your Rental Property for Winter

The long, chilly months of winter are almost upon us. Is your property prepared? Fortunately, we don’t often experience a deep freeze and heavy snow in Orange County like some other areas, but we still need to be ready for lower temperatures and potential hazards.

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Make sure your tenants are comfortable at all times! Get your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems checked to make sure they are all working properly. When the temperatures drop, make sure your property is ready to keep the people inside comfortable all winter long!


The cold and dry air in the winter can lead to serious property damage, so leaving the heat running, even when a home or unit is uninhabited is a must. If you have available space in a property that you are renting, be sure to leave the heat on at about 5 to 8 degrees cooler than normal. This should prevent freezing damages that are associated with the winter. It’s a good idea to send this reminder out to your tenants as well in case they are planning on taking a prolonged vacation around the holidays. If the heat is turned off completely, there is a risk of the pipes freezing and bursting, which can lead to water damage, plumbing bills, and potentially large and costly repairs.


Check everywhere! Make sure you don’t have any cracks in the roof, walls, windows, or doors. If there is outside air getting in, it will lead to increased heating bills, and can invite small pests and critters into your property to bask in the warmth. Be sure to make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed as well. Letting in moisture from small openings can cause mold and other damages.


If you have trees on your property, it’s time to get them trimmed. With winds, extra rain, and the small potential for ice or snow, the branches on your trees can take on extra weight in the winter. If they break, there is a potential for them to cause damage to roofs, windows, and more!


Just like the pipes in your home, you don’t want the pipes in your sprinkler system to freeze and burst! Burst pipes in the ground will increase water bills, especially if they are not noticed and fixed promptly. They also will ruin your property’s beautiful landscaping, and can greatly harm the plants by overwatering them.


Does your property have an outdoor pool? It’s time to prepare it for winter so you can fully enjoy it again in the summer! Be sure to schedule or perform regular checkups to make sure your water stays clean and free of debris in the winter so your tenants will be able to dive right in once the weather warms back up.


Managing your property is all about preparedness. Make sure your alarm systems are working, contact a local ice and snow removal company, or have the necessary items on hand to make sure everyone is safe and happy in the event of a winter emergency!

If you are in need of property management services this winter, get in touch with Lido Property Management. Our team in Orange County would be glad to work with you and your tenants to provide an excellent experience. Call us now to learn more!