Management Services

 At Lido Property Management, our #1 priority is to protect our owner’s investments and provide nice living environments for our tenants.
Lido Property Management provides a full range of Orange County Property Management services to owners throughout Southern California. We provide our clients with peace of mind managing the day to day needs of their properties and tenants. 

When Lido Property Management takes over the management of a property, owners find out just how efficiently their property can be managed.

Pre-Rent Vacancy Program: Have you received a 30-day notice from a tenant? At Lido we take action to fill vacancies now! The goal of our Pre-Rent Vacancy Program is to have a deposit in your bank account before a unit ever even becomes vacant. We accomplish this by publishing upcoming availabilities on our website, posting online ads multiple times per day, installing high profile “For Rent” signs and banners on the property, and having our on-site managers distribute flyers to local businesses. Our Pre-Rent Vacancy Program makes it possible to have the least amount of downtime between tenants which puts more money into your bank account.

Simple Fees: At Lido, our pricing is competitive and straight forward. We tailor each of our management plans to suit your specific needs. There is never any set-up or hidden fees, and we don’t charge you while a unit is vacant. Please call us at (714) 956-0235 to get a quote from our team of Anaheim Property Management experts.

Tenant Retention Plans: Does your property have a high turnover of tenants? At Lido, we understand that it is far less expensive to retain a tenant than it is to go out and find a new one. We believe one of the keys to retaining good tenants is listening, a quality which we take great pride in doing well. We listen carefully to our tenants knowing that many of their frustrations can often be solved by simple fixes which will go a long way to keeping them happy. By taking professional and economical approaches based on the specific needs of our different properties, we are able to drive down vacancy rates while driving up your cash flow!

Extensive Tenant Screening: We require each prospect to complete an application. We then verify their employment, rental history, and credit history. Once a tenant passes our initial screening stage, we discuss the results with you to help you make the best decision possible. Lido’s extensive tenant screening process helps to ensure that you find the best tenants for your properties. By implementing our extensive tenant screening process, Lido has been able to reduce the eviction rate on properties.
Rent Collection: We provide our residents with several options for paying rent to make it as easy as possible for them to get their rent paid on time. Residents can pay rent online by direct deposit, credit card, or single payment options. We follow-up on late payments with daily phone calls, text messages, personal visits, and letters. As an owner you can have your monthly check mailed to you or deposited directly into your bank account!

Accounting: Detailed monthly accounting reports are prepared for you showing rent collected and any disbursements that have been made. We provide thorough reporting including tenant rental histories, property histories, tax information, and other reports at your request.

Maintenance services: We make it easy for tenants to report maintenance through our online maintenance request system. We have a 24-7 maintenance hot line for our residents, and we have someone on call around the clock to handle emergencies. To save you time and money, we use trusted vendors to provide quality and timely maintenance for your property.

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